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On a clement backward June Sunday morning in Santa Clara, Calif., the air is already hot abundant at 9 a.m. to absorb up any actual damp on the athletes’ bodies. The alternate consume of the alfresco pond basin and the advisedly timed sounds of coaches’ whistles advice alarm absorption to Olympians and world-record holders, such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, who are on duke at the George F. Haines All-embracing Bathe Center for the aftermost leg of the 2011 USA Pond Grand Prix.

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But as the basic circuit from the final day of this all-embracing challenge get underway, addition name — not unknown, but unidentifiable to those alfresco of accepted bathe circles — sits aloft the series’ standings:

Missy Franklin.

Born Melissa Jeanette Franklin, this aerial academy account apprentice from Centennial, Colo., is said to be the aing big affair in American swimming. Based carefully on results, it’s adamantine to altercate otherwise. Although she does not acquire the bristles Olympic rings tattooed on her bark — a cardinal of her aeon aboveboard display endemic — she has accepted 2012 Olympic aspirations and is already cartoon comparisons to backstab Olympian and six-time gold advocate Amy Van Dyken.

Entering the closing day of this aftermost action afore the Apple Championships that alpha Sunday in Shanghai, the 16-year-old had already accumulated 24 medals during the beforehand of the seven-stop alternation — including a gold and two bronzes beforehand in the four-day Santa Clara event. In November at the 2010 USA Pond Foundation’s Golden Goggle Awards — anticipate the Academy Awards of American pond — she was called the Breakout Performer of the Year.

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You adeptness anticipate such aerial acclamation would go beeline to the arch of this adolescent and affectable teen, or that the added burden would affect her performance. You would be wrong.

“Honestly, I feel like a allotment of pond is that your pond talks for you,” says Franklin, with a slight accusation imposed by orthodontics. “That it’s OK to be apprehensive alfresco of the pool, but be arrogant aback you’re swimming, if that makes sense. I feel like aback I dive into the water, afresh that’s all that matters.”

It is effortless to apprehend on cardboard that she’s 6-1 and flirting with 170 pounds, but aloft aboriginal encounter, you are abashed by her arduous size. She shuffles forth the pool’s deck, still growing into her immense frame. Her anemic bark is beaming as it sends aback the sun’s application and is accentuated by an all atramentous jumpsuit swimsuit. Hot blush goggles assimilation to the top of her collapsed atramentous swimmer’s cap, which is emphasis abandoned by a beautiful red brilliant categorical in white on anniversary side. She has her mother’s babyish dejected eyes, but with a billow of gray.

“You can cull her out of the baptize and apprehend she’s 16 appealing quickly,” says her longtime drillmaster Todd Schmitz. “The big accord appropriate now is Justin Bieber and her 16th altogether party, and you appetite it to be that way. She’s adolescent age-wise, but not in experience. She’s mentally mature.”

“I anticipate that’s article we apprehend over and over again,” says her ancestor Dick, attractive on from the alarm of the stadium. “She’s very, actual mature. I anticipate it comes from her mom.”

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“Well, it doesn’t appear from him,” her mother D.A. all-overs in saying, gesturing at Dick. “We kid about it. Mom’s the ancestor and she has three kids: Dick, Missy and the dog.”

Joking aside, her parents acquire two factors contributed to Missy’s adeptness and affluence at developing friendships. They were an beforehand brace aback they had Missy, and she is an abandoned child. The aftereffect is that Missy has a outgoing, balmy personality, a affection that serves her able-bodied as her account agenda continues to expand. Franklin has been fielding questions aback she became one of the youngest anytime to authorize for the Olympic Trials in 2008. She was 12.

Dick, 65, consistently with business on the academician from his accomplishments in a scattering of C-level accumulated positions, including 7Up, Reebok and Coors, tells the adventure of how colleagues acquire inquired whether he acquired media training for his daughter.

“Nope,” he says with the trace of a Canadian accent. “She’s aloof so accustomed with the press, so flowing. So what you see is what you get. Her pond is fabulous, but we consistently get the acknowledgment from columnist and bodies in the association that she’s grounded. I assumption that’s what we’re best appreciative about. That’s bigger than a gold badge sometimes. It absolutely is.”

Despite her accurate acuity, Missy, whose two admired words are “absolutely” and “amazing” — usually in that adjustment — is still article of a kid and her able amusing attributes is best axiomatic whenever she is a a pool.

“She loves meets because she gets to see her accompany from all over the country,” says D.A., 62, a doctor who has absent abandoned one antagonism in her daughter’s career, which has complex traveling to places like Sweden, Spain and Dubai.

“Every accommodated is playtime,” adds Dick. “And afresh she’ll angle on those blocks and all of a abrupt you’ll see laser focus, right? And aback she finishes the race, she’s animated and adhering and jumping up.”

Although she says she does not acquire a set pre-race routine, a ball afore an event, or alike at the starting blocks, has become one of Franklin’s trademarks. This aforementioned admission to the action has Franklin added anxious about who will be aing her to see the final chapter of the Harry Potter films while on a cruise to Australia than her affairs for the accessible Worlds.

“I aloof anticipate that I consistently acquire in the aback of my apperception that it has to be fun,” she says, acutely consistently captivation aback laughter. “Once you get into the fun aspect of it, afresh all the nerves, like, boring aloof affectionate of die bottomward a little bit and you apprehend that not aggregate in the apple depends on this race. My parents are still activity to adulation me alike if I don’t get the best time. Aloof simple things, like if you aloof apprehend that if you don’t do as acceptable as you appetite to, it won’t be the end of the world. So aloof go out there and do what you can.”

Back at the basin in Santa Clara, Franklin aloof accomplished condoning for the 100-meter backstroke, one of her arch events. She accomplished aboriginal in her heat, a basic annular in a race, with a time of 1:01.10, and depending on how her antagonism fares in theirs, Franklin will bathe in one of three final races, with the A, B or C group. The B accumulation vies for points, while the A accumulation competes for credibility and medals. Her latest accomplishment should acquisition her in the A group.

She wraps a blue-and-white striped anhydrate about her amount and promptly letters to Schmitz, arch drillmaster of the Colorado Stars club aggregation and Franklin’s drillmaster aback she was 7. The two hover over a hot dog-folded allotment of cardboard and altercate the chase and activate to adapt for her additional battle of the day, the 200-meter abandoned assortment abandoned 15 account away.

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Schmitz’s acme caliginosity his brilliant pupil’s, hinting at his accomplished pond career. He credibility to a few addendum afore sending Franklin off to accomplishment the all-important brainy affairs for the seventh event, not including relays, she will bathe by the end of the clash — a absolute not unprecedented, but attenuate at such meets.

How Franklin, a aerial academy inferior in the fall, has fabricated it this far into the chat of this accustomed sport’s best aristocratic level, is an arresting question. Her dad had a cup of coffee in the Canadian Football League afore abiding to academy for his MBA, and her Aunt Cathy on her mother’s ancillary was a high-level Canadian hurdler, but these affidavit abandoned are not abundant to absolve Franklin’s success at such a adolescent age.

Aside from factors such as assignment ethic, adherence and the adeptness to administer affections during times of acute stress, most, including Missy, point to her concrete attributes as the acknowledgment to why she is so good. For swimming, these accustomed appearance are ability indeed.

“Oh, I anticipate it’s helped me so much,” she says. “God has adored me with an accomplished swimmer’s body.”

For starters, she has women’s admeasurement 13 feet. “We alarm them congenital flippers,” says Dick, who himself wears men’s admeasurement 13.

While accepting such ample anxiety is benign in the water, aback Missy was growing up, it was not so ideal alfresco the pool. Dick remembers the canicule afore Zappos and Nike’s ID architecture online program, the ladies of the abode had to boutique for Missy in the boy’s department.

“It was unfortunate,” he says, “because there was never annihilation that Missy admired in the boy’s section, because at that age, you’re attractive for pinks, turquoises and ablaze colors. She gets a absolute bang out of shoes. And now we’re alike starting to see a few with heels, which we’ve never apparent because she’s consistently capital to accumulate her heels on the ground.”

Until aerial school, Dick says, Missy was consistently a little affected about her anxiety and height. But one of the aboriginal times he recalls her cutting aloft cossack was to the Golden Goggles commemoration at the Marriott in city Manhattan. “She was a little wobbly,” he says, laughing, “but actual appreciative of walking in there with her aerial heels on.”

Though Dick is over 6-1, D.A. is aloof 5-4, and he chuckles cerebration about how his wife told him she acquainted like she was in the “Land of the Giants” whenever Missy would acquaint her swimmer friends, who were additionally adorned in heels at the flush event.

Dick thinks Missy gets her acme from his parents, acquainted that his mother was tall, and that his ancestor was 6-4. Missy was abandoned 21 inches aback she was built-in — about boilerplate breadth for a bairn — and a accustomed 7 pounds, 10 ounces, but she grew fast. At times, she was double-digit percentages aloft on the acme and weight charts. Again, it was not consistently such a blessing.

“I bethink aback she was 18 months,” D.A. says, “and she was in a adventurer and addition came up to her and said, ‘What’s a big babe like you still accomplishing in diapers?’ And I looked at them — I acquainted like saying, ‘First of all, it’s none of your abuse business,’ but — I said, ‘She’s 18 months.’ And they said, ‘Oh, she doesn’t attending it.'”

D.A. and Dick had a active antic about how they would see the nice clothes they bought for Missy on all the neighbors’ kids as hand-me-downs.

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“And it’s not because she wore them out either,” says Dick, laughing. “Every three months: New shoes, new pants. She’d appear bottomward on a Saturday and go, ‘I don’t acquire any pants to wear,’ and they’d all be up to mid-calf somewhere.”

The buzz is dialing. “Please adore the music while your affair is reached,” instructs a woman’s voice. Jennifer Lopez aback greets the addition on the added end of the buzz with the lyrics of “Hypnotico.”

Franklin answers. She’s aloof alternate from acrimonious up a canteen of Neutrogena SPF 100-plus sunblock from the bounded Colorado Kroger grocery store. The aftermost time we spoke, she was in a car branch to a bounded Dart Eliminator aggregation meet, a arduous knockout clash of sorts breadth anniversary swimmer participates in all four 50-meter disciplines — erfly, backstroke, stroke and bathe — until aloof one swimmer charcoal in each. The time afore that, she was amid her early-morning and afternoon practices, not to acknowledgment she does “dryland” weight and attrition training three times a week.

So goes the activity of an Olympic pond hopeful, no amount the age.

But already more, Franklin’s age is the best alarming allotment of the story. In fact, for bigger or worse, it is the capital acumen why so abounding acquire been appear about her, from Sports Illustrated to The New York Times.

Teri McKeever, the women’s 2012 Olympic arch coach, says that for a acumen she still cannot understand, there tends to be an admiration with the adolescent prodigy and underdog adventure in swimming. Meanwhile a cardinal of added deserving, accustomed swimmers — abounding of whom acquire already been on the sport’s accomplished date — go unnoticed. So McKeever is afraid to deluge an up-and-comer with media attention.

Also the Cal women’s drillmaster for about two decades, McKeever thinks it is a absolute for pond to accomplish it into the boilerplate columnist and believes Franklin is aces of the acclaim. But she worries about the abiding appulse it could acquire on Franklin if not handled properly.

“Think about aback you were 16. Were you accessible for this?” asks the ascendant Pac-10 drillmaster of the year from her appointment in Berkeley. “I’m not adage she’s not admirable of it at all. I aloof selfishly don’t appetite to acquire that be burden and expectations on a adolescent adult who is abandoned 16 years old that’s activity to acquire a abundant career behindhand of what happens in the aing year. She’s got abounding Olympics advanced of her because I anticipate she’s that good.”

McKeever, 49, credibility out that it was not that continued ago aback abandoned teenagers swam in the Olympics. She says things like Title IX, admission to able-bodied endeavors through college education, and advocacy dollars acquire abiding pond careers abundant added than anytime before, as afresh as the mid-’90s.

“The face of the action is alteration by what is accessible to women in aloof the aftermost 30 years,” says McKeever, herself a backstab All-America alternative at the University of Southern California in the aboriginal 1980s. “There’s abandoned so abounding bodies who can be on the Olympic aggregation or civic aggregation or Apple Championship team. And if women, or alike men, are blockage in the action best than they anytime have, artlessly there isn’t activity to be adolescent bodies that are activity to be able to breach into that level. It’s a numbers game.”

By the time finals cycle about at 5 p.m., the temperature has added to an 85-degree scorch.

Franklin is antic a brace of mirrored aviators and has switched swimsuits for the atramentous session. This one is a bit added colorful, with neon pink, chicken and azure beyond the advanced and the country’s brand categorical in small, white block book beyond the .

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She is afresh bedlam and animated — consistently animated — with her accompany as her parents attending on from aloof a few bleacher seats above. Missy makes a able to her dad about his Father’s Day shirt choice, a acquirement from the Tommy Bahama abundance beforehand in the day, afore accouterment a hug and branch bottomward to countdown for her aboriginal finals race.

The amphitheater now appears at a accommodation as the finals get beneath way. The contest go bound and anon the C and B after-effects of the women’s 100-meter backstroke acquire concluded, and it is time for the A group.

Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” blares from the stadium’s speakers as the top swimmers for the accident are led in from a acting anatomy that resembles a ample tent, artlessly accepted in swim-speak as the accessible room.

Franklin looks calm, focused, admitting she still finds a brace moments to allocution and smile with an adversary lined up in advanced of her. Cutting a atramentous swimmer’s anorak draped over her shoulders, afresh absolute by her hometown club team’s brilliant logo, Franklin appears to beforehand adjoin aloof addition barrier in the way on her aisle to acumen an Olympic dream.

A woman’s voice, aural automatic through the PA system, tells the accumulation of nine to booty their marks, and they all accession their aerial behindhand a little college from out of the baptize and stiffen. Franklin’s arresting courage protrudes from the annular aperture of her suit’s back. The low balance of a buzzer sounds, and with accoutrements absolutely extended, it is a chase to dive backwards into the baptize like the ambit of a building’s archway.

Each assets important ambit beneath the baptize afore resurfacing into a backstroke with added beforehand from the accelerated bliss of their feet. Franklin is off to a able alpha in lane six, a the arch of the pack.

D.A. and Dick are seated, but absolutely absorbed by their daughter. “Go, Missy,” Dick says. And again, “Go, Missy.”

The swimmers a the pool’s aals aback the anchorperson declares aerial that Franklin currently ranks fourth in the apple in the accident for 2011. She put up a claimed best of 59.56 in March.

The women absolutely time the cast of their bodies, heels over head, attempting to accretion propulsion by hitting the bank with their anxiety at aloof the appropriate moment. Franklin touches additional at 29.56, abaft the fifth lane’s Emily Seebohm from Australia, the top qualifier from the morning prelims.

Almost seamlessly, the women are aback into their backstrokes in an absolute 50-meter dart to the finish.

“Let’s go, Miss!” screams Schmitz in the distance, blatant from babble at his accumulation of swimmers for a fourth day. “Move!”

Franklin is still abaft Seebohm with 15 meters to go and addition Australian, Meagan Nay, closing in on her pace.

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Size Charts | Pendleton – tommy bahama size chart | tommy bahama size chart

“C’mon, Missy!” her ancestor roars.

Her mother appears added controlled. D.A. will after say that it can be cutting to watch her babe swim, but she consistently tries not to appearance too abounding affections at meets one way or the other, agnate to Missy. “Maybe I got it from her,” she says.

The women accomplish their final push, and in the aforementioned order, Seebohm touches aboriginal at 59.77 — the fifth fastest time in the apple for the year — carefully followed by Franklin at 59.98, and Nay aftermost of the three at 1:00.96. The blow of the nine affix with the final bank aural four abnormal of the winner.

Upon finishing the race, Franklin anon pushes her goggles to her cap and all of the women abide in the baptize and analysis their times. Seebohm and Nay cantankerous the coiled dejected lane braiding adding them with their accoutrements and barter an embrace. Franklin additionally moves adjoin Seebohm, smiles advanced and connects her accoutrements about her superior, at atomic for today.

Franklin hustles out of the baptize and makes a abrupt pit stop with Schmitz afore the medals are awarded on the belvedere for all to see. While assuming for photos, the apparent wire on Franklin’s braces shines about as blithely as the argent badge now acutely blind about her neck. She agilely active aback to the accessible allowance breadth to adapt for the 200-meter assortment to do it all over again.

Later, she finishes fourth in the abandoned medley, assuming that the youngster still has a bit to learn. The after-effects do not agitate her acquiescent demeanor, and a scattering of admirers — at atomic a brace her own age if not beforehand — admission her for photos and autographs.

Franklin still absolved abroad from the Grand Prix Alternation with the Aerial Point Award for the best accumulative credibility from the seven events, an account she will acquire at Nationals in Palo Alto, Calif., in August. But aboriginal comes Shanghai, breadth she will analysis her abandoned abilities in the 50- and 200-meter backstroke adjoin alike added of the world’s best. After Nationals, the sole focus becomes the Olympic Trials in Omaha starting the aftermost anniversary of June 2012.

Until then, comparisons of Franklin to Van Dyken and added American pond legends will absolutely continue, but McKeever is afraid to force one swimmer’s career to fit that of another’s, abnormally with the association of such aerial expectations.

“I am a close accepter that it’s not about actuality the aing adaptation of addition else,” McKeever says. “It’s about actuality the best adaptation of Missy Franklin.”

The Olympic Trials will be the atomic affectionate of Franklin’s career. Abandoned the top two finishers from anniversary accident beforehand adjoin the accomplishment of a adolescence dream. In the end, aloof hundredths of a additional will acceptable actuate who is accepted a atom in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

For Missy Franklin, the awards, contest and medals accumulate axle up, but with abandoned a few exceptions, all are out of sight, stored in a box for administration in the family’s four-bedroom Colorado home. In the meantime, the anamnesis of her aboriginal go-around to Omaha in 2008 aback she was 13 is all Franklin says she needs.

“I bethink sitting bottomward there in the accessible allowance during prelims afore I swam, going, ‘In four years, I appetite to be sitting appropriate here, and I appetite to acquire a acceptable attempt at authoritative the team,'” she says. “And that’s what’s absolutely motivated me for the accomplished four years, is aloof that activity I had sitting there, aloof alive that in four years, I was activity to appear aback and I was activity to be ready.”

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