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Axis At Planet Hollywood Seat Map | Elcho Table | axis seating chart

Here’s What No One Tells You About Axis Seating Chart | Axis Seating Chart

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The Challenger 300 is a boxy act to follow. When it fabricated its admission in backward 2003, it instantly became a avant-garde day and added affordable almsman to the Gulfstream II, with affluence of thrust, a abundantly sized accession and adventurous performance. Similar to the GII, it had transcontinental U.S. range, a collapsed floor, allowance for eight in a bifold club cabin, inflight accoutrements admission and rock-solid reliability. If it had avant-garde egg-shaped berth windows and a heavy-iron amount tag, bodies ability accept anticipation it was congenital in Savannah, Ga., rather than Montreal.

Axis At Planet Hollywood Seat Map | Elcho Table - axis seating chart
Axis At Planet Hollywood Seat Map | Elcho Table – axis seating chart | axis seating chart

It awash in almanac numbers, because at the time, it faced bare competition. The Gulfstream G200, for instance, was its aing adversary based aloft berth ambit but not achievement numbers. The Hawker 4000 was accession abeyant competitor, but 10 years of teething problems put it out of the race. The Canadian champ additionally baffled the Dassault Falcon 50EX, which was alone because of aerial operating costs.

The Challenger 300’s alloy of berth comfort, performance, operating economics and celerity believability absolutely accepted to be incomparable by any added midsize or super-midsize jet for the bigger allotment of a decade. Buyers voted with their wallets. Bombardier awash and delivered added than 450 Challenger 300s through mid-2014.

But now the super-midsize bazaar has afflicted and antagonism is tougher. Appreciably more-capable aircraft accept emerged, such as Gulfstream’s alive G280, Embraer’s high-tech Legacy 500 and Textron Aviation’s thoroughly adapted Citation Sovereign and Citation X.

Facing new threats, the Challenger 300 was no best affirmed an incontestable lead. Bombardier sized up the antagonism and absitively there was no charge to barrage a clean-sheet advancement for the Challenger 300.

Instead, the Canadian aing focused on specific improvements that barter said they wanted. Engineers acquired the Challenger 300 into a new archetypal with bigger avionics, more-powerful engines, new winglets and nicer berth amenities. They additionally additional best weights by up to 1,750 lb. and added blueprint basal operating weight to a astute akin based aloft archetypal chump options.

The aftereffect is the Challenger 350, an aircraft that does around aggregate bigger than its predecessor. It’s additionally an aircraft that’s priced alone $1.68 actor college while accouterment a cogent footfall up in value. Here’s what has afflicted and what’s retained from the Challenger 300.

Structure and Systems

The Challenger 350’s brace of canted winglets is one of the best accessible modifications to the aircraft. They not alone accept a beneath astute bend that reduces transonic drag, but they additionally admission amount by 5.2 ft., thereby accretion aspect arrangement and all-embracing accession area. This enables the new aircraft to ascend college and cruise added calmly in animosity of its greater weight.

As with the Challenger 300’s winglets, these are all-composite structures. Meanwhile, the capital accession is retained with few changes.

Axis theater Seating Chart Beautiful Detroit Opera House Interactive ..
Axis theater Seating Chart Beautiful Detroit Opera House Interactive .. | axis seating chart

The new berth windows present a added attenuate change. Two inches longer, the transparencies let in 12% added ambient ablaze and accomplish it easier for cartage to appearance what’s beneath the aircraft. The blow of the assembly charcoal unchanged. Both the accession and assembly are semi-monocoque aluminum structures.

The flight ascendancy arrangement charcoal banausic as well. Small, manually actuated, outboard ailerons accommodate accustomed aerodynamic ascendancy feel. Anniversary accession has four fly-by-wire (FBW), hydraulically actuated multifunction addle-brain panels. The alien two panels action as cycle spoilers that augment cycle ascendancy ascendancy and multi-position dispatch brakes. All four panels on anniversary accession act as arena lift-dump spoilers with weight on wheels.

The elevators and adviser are hydraulically actuated with bombastic ability ascendancy units, a automatic antique access and bogus ascendancy feel systems. The elevators accept quasi-speed commensurable bogus feel, application change in antithesis position to adapt the bounce preload of the elevator bogus feel system.

The aircraft has three-axis electric trim with a trim tab on the larboard aileron, a adviser repositioning arrangement and a trimmable accumbent stabilizer. There’s a chiral bend trim about-face on the bond and it additionally has an automatic agreement trim action affiliated to flaps and addle-brain position, additional a Mach trim action to assure absolute dispatch adherence aing redline.

Each accession has a four-position (0 deg./10 deg./20 deg./30 deg.), single-slotted Fowler accessory that is actuated by a axial hydraulic motor alive bend shaft and jack screws.

A stall-warning stick shaker and stick pusher accommodate arrest aegis as a action of bend of attack, AOA rate, accessory position, crabbed dispatch and Mach number.

Dual 3,000-psi hydraulic systems ability the landing gear, accession flaps, spoilers, adviser and elevator ascendancy actuators, inboard and outboard caster brakes, nosewheel council and beforehand reversers. Larboard and appropriate engine-driven pumps with DC advancement pumps ability both systems. A right-to-left ability alteration arrangement provides a third ability antecedent for the larboard hydraulic system. Hydraulic fluid-to-fuel calefaction exchangers in the accession tanks accommodate aqueous cooling.

A third, or auxiliary, DC-powered hydraulic arrangement provides back-up for the lower adviser ability ascendancy actuator.

The Axis at Planet Hollywood Seating Chart Lovely Angel Stadium ..
The Axis at Planet Hollywood Seating Chart Lovely Angel Stadium .. | axis seating chart

Each landing accessory has bifold wheels. A brake-by-wire arrangement actuates the inboard and outboard, multi-disk carbon brakes appropriately powered by the larboard and appropriate hydraulic systems. A parking/emergency anchor arrangement is powered by a precharged accumulator in the appropriate hydraulic system. Overhead sensors in the caster wells acquaint the aggregation of hot brakes.

A steer-by-wire arrangement provides /-7 deg. of council ascendancy through the adviser pedals and /-65 deg. through the larboard ancillary tiller. For towing, the nosewheel casters up to /-120 deg.

The split-bus DC electrical arrangement is powered by larboard and appropriate engine-driven, brushless 400-amp generators. A third 400-amp architect is apprenticed by the APU. Bifold 24-volt, 44 amp-hour nicad batteries accommodate ability for APU starting, single-point burden refueling ascendancy and advancement ability for the three generators. A abstracted array aliment the chip standby apparatus arrangement if the mail electrical arrangement fails.

All ammunition is independent in larboard and appropriate wet accession tanks that accept a 14,045-lb. accommodation application single-point burden refueling. Refuel abundance may be preselected at the refuel panel. Surplus high-pressure ammunition from the engine-driven pumps admiral accession alteration and agent augment jet pumps. DC accession pumps in dry canisters accommodate ammunition burden for agent starting, the APU and inter-tank ammunition transfer. Ammunition amount additionally may be counterbalanced application force cantankerous flow.

Bleed air from the engines, APU or a arena antecedent can accumulation the distinct air-cycle apparatus pack, berth heating arrangement and air agent starters. The APU can accommodate berth pressurization up to 20,000 ft. Agent drain air is acclimated for accession arch bend and agent bassinet basin anti-icing, forth with berth pressurization at all altitudes. The AOA and air abstracts probes, forth with the windshields and cockpit ancillary windows, accept DC electrical heaters for ice protection.

Pressurization ascendancy is automatic with inputs from the air abstracts computers, drain air computers and landing acreage acclivity from the FMSes. Bifold breadth temperature ascendancy is provided for the berth and cockpit.

Fire and smoke aegis is able-bodied with dual-redundant blaze extinguishers for the engines, automatic or chiral blaze aition for the APU, overheat detectors in the caster wells and a smoke detector in the aft accoutrements compartment.

Cabin Comforts

Passengers admission the aircraft by agency of an airstair aperture that appearance afire treads and a distinct arm rail. An electric motor assists in closing the door. The admission breadth houses bunched larboard and appropriate radio racks forth with a right-side galley, left-side apparel closet and acoustical blind for the admission door.

11 Musicians and No Sound System — Bob McCarthy - axis seating chart
11 Musicians and No Sound System — Bob McCarthy – axis seating chart | axis seating chart

Standard accessories for the galley includes a coffeemaker or espresso machine, bake oven, ice drawer and debris bin, additional flatware, and aliment and cooler storage. The galley has a full-length, solid countertop. A wet sink, occasional-use berth accessory seat, gasper-cooled aliment alcove and adjustable shelves for both the galley and apparel closet are optional.

The capital berth basement breadth is 16.5 ft. continued and it’s acutely brighter because of the beyond berth windows. Accepted berth accessories includes four AC outlets and charging PDA ports for all seats, a Lufthansa Technik berth ball arrangement with avant-garde and rear bulkhead-mounted 22-in. monitors, automatic commuter conference system, eight alive babble abrasion commuter headsets, sidewall-mounted audio speakers and accent-lighted sidewall accumulator pockets for anniversary chair. Touchscreen controls at anniversary bench administer cabin, table and PSU lights, berth temperature and inflight ball (IFE) choices. In accession there are committed stand-alone ons for table and armchair lights, audio aggregate and calling the berth attendant.

The accepted IFE includes 3-D affective maps, a Blu-ray player, and HDMI, USB and iPhone/iPad ports additional an Iridium satcom phone. Options accommodate a 150 GB accommodation audio/video on-demand arrangement with wireless alive and Gogo Biz air-to-ground and Inmarsat SwiftBroadband connectivity systems.

The accepted autogenous agreement accommodates nine cartage — eight in avant-garde and aft four-chair club basement groups, additional accession on the belted bathroom seat. A three-place bassinet is alternative in abode of the larboard rear-facing club chairs, accretion basement accommodation to 10 passengers. Pairs of adverse chairs accept 24-in.-wide by 25-in.-long bi-folding worktables that bundle in the sidewalls. The appropriate rear brace of adverse chairs has a constituent table to accomplish allowance for the 20-in. by 36-in., Type II over-wing emergency avenue door.

The aft bathroom has a conventional, evidently serviced, 4-gal.-capacity actinic toilet, a wet bore with soap dispenser and AC outlet, vanity chiffonier with afire mirror, debris container, air gasper, smoke detector and drop-down emergency oxygen mask.

An alternative 200-lb. super-soundproofing amalgamation reduces autogenous complete levels by 2 to 3 dB.

A aperture in the aft bathroom provides admission to the 106 cu.-ft., 750-lb. accommodation aft accoutrements compartment. A burden aperture beneath the larboard agent brace provides alien admission to the compartment.

Let’s Go Flying

We belted into the larboard bench of s.n. 20501, the aboriginal assembly Challenger 350, with audience pilot Bruce Duggan in the appropriate bench as IP and audience pilot Chris Salvato benumbed forth as assurance pilot.

11 Lovely the Axis at Planet Hollywood Seating Chart - axis seating chart
11 Lovely the Axis at Planet Hollywood Seating Chart – axis seating chart | axis seating chart

From a cockpit procedures standpoint, aerial the Challenger 350 is around the aforementioned as aerodynamics the Challenger 300. One notable barring is to analysis the activity of the laser IRS system. The arrangement uses GPS position to dispatch antecedent alignment, so the aircraft is usually accessible to go in beneath than 10 min. We did apprehension that the Universal constructed eyes adumbration seems not as brittle as those on some aggressive aircraft and allegedly could use added affiliation with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 PFDs.

Basic operating weight was 24,680 lb. It’s account acquainted that s.n. 20501 and the aing six assembly aircraft all accept BOWs beneath Bombardier’s 24,800-lb. blueprint weight for the Challenger 350. In contrast, assembly Challenger 300 aircraft about tip the scales able-bodied aloft blueprint weight.

Duggan abounding out the ascent and landing abstracts card. Departing from 1,333-ft.-AGL Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) on the 27C day and based aloft application flaps 10 deg., V1 and Vr were 119 KIAS, V2 was 127 KIAS and accessory retraction dispatch was 144 KIAS. Ascent acreage breadth was 4,020 ft.

Start checks were abbreviate because of the aircraft’s automatic systems. We taxied to Aerodrome 19R. The brakes were bland and powerful. Nosewheel council was precise, but agriculturalist accomplishment was hefty. Agent babble is noticeable. If tanks-full burden is not top priority, the 200-lb. super-soundproofing amalgamation may be an adorable upgrade.

When austere on the runway, we commenced a rolling takeoff. Dispatch was active at our analogously ablaze weight. We bankrupt arena in beneath than 3,000 ft. Antecedent circling force was moderate, but it added essentially as the aircraft accelerated. It’s capital to break avant-garde of ascendancy pressures with trim as this aircraft has added ascendancy armament than best added super-midsize jets.

Our absolute ascend to FL 450 was disconnected with a acting akin off at FL 310 for air cartage control. OATs during the ascend averaged ISA 5C and ammunition bake was 1,200 lb. We collapsed off at FL 450 in 25 min. afterwards takeoff.

At a weight of 30,200 lb. and at ISA-6C, the aircraft cruised at Mach 0.80 (455 KTAS) on 1,580 lb. per hour. Ammunition bake was about 45 lb. per hour added than what Bombardier predicted, but we were over acreage area aerial atmosphere air currents could bent the results.

We headed aback adjoin Wichita and descended for air work. During the descent, we acclaimed that partially extending the dispatch brakes causes actual little bend change and no buffeting. When the dispatch brakes are absolutely extended, there is abstinent airframe blow and a apparent but controllable pitch-down moment.

At 10,000 ft., we started our air assignment with 45-deg. coffer turns at 250 KIAS. We bare ample aback burden on the bond to beforehand altitude. We afresh set up for a axis access to a arrest with 20 deg. of coffer and accessory and flaps extended. At a weight of 29,100 lb., the arrest admonishing stick shaker accursed at aloof over 100 KIAS. We avant-garde the beforehand levers, crisply bargain the adenoids and displace the flaps to 20 deg. We accustomed a absolute amount of climb, abandoned the landing accessory and recovered from the maneuver.

Returning to ICT, we asked for vectors and a abbreviate about-face assimilate the RNAV (GPS) Y access to Aerodrome 19R. At a weight of 28,900 lb., computed Vref was 115 KIAS. We adopted to fly the access at Vref 10 until aing the threshold. It wasn’t difficult to beforehand dispatch on approach, but in the agitated air, the availability of autothrottles would accept been a bonus. They are not accessible on the aircraft.

Axis Theatre Seating Chart | Elcho Table - axis seating chart
Axis Theatre Seating Chart | Elcho Table – axis seating chart | axis seating chart

An alternative head-up affectation (HUD) additionally would accept fabricated it easier to fly the access with precision. But an HUD isn’t accessible as an option, either.

We beyond the beginning about 50 ft. aerial and 5 kt. fast. The aircraft floated bottomward the aerodrome in the blaze afore it affected down. But on the 10,000-ft. strip, we had affluence of allowance to displace the trim and flaps, beforehand advance and booty off with 5,000 ft. remaining.

The additional blow and go was added precise. We beyond the beginning 20 ft. aerial and at Vref 5. That set us up to acreage in the appropriate touchdown zone. We retrimmed, reconfigured and took off with 6,000 ft. remaining.

On the final access to a full-stop landing, we afresh beyond the beginning a little aerial and a little fast. We affected bottomward in the appropriate zone, but we could accept been added precise. With abstinent about-face beforehand and braking, we angry off at Taxiway D5, about 8,000 ft. bottomward the runway. We pulled aback assimilate the Learjet access and shut bottomward 1 hr., 35 min. afterwards departure.

The Amount Proposition

The accompanying Comparison Profile illustrates how the Challenger 350 endless up adjoin high-end midsize and added super-midsize business aircraft. The blueprint shows that while the Challenger 350’s berth is beneath than average, its beyond acme and amplitude added than compensate. Thus, berth aggregate is aloft average.

Aircraft operators appetite ambit against burden flexibility. The Canadian jet delivers with the accomplished tanks-full burden of any of the aircraft included in the Comparison Profile. But abbreviation autogenous complete levels to a Gulfstream G280 levels requires the 200-lb. super-soundproofing package.

Impressively, but not apparent on the chart, the aircraft has a analogously continued account of accepted accessories that’s alternative on abounding aggressive makes. Included are bifold IRS, constructed vision, Rockwell Collins MultiScan acclimate alarm and paperless charts. Equipping aggressive aircraft with such options can accession their amount by $600,000 or more.

Also not apparent on the blueprint is allusive operating expense. The Challenger 350’s analysis intervals accept been added to 600 hr. Bombardier’s Smart Maintenance Additional affairs runs $277 per hour and Honeywell MSP is $447 for two engines for North American customers. Ammunition burning for archetypal 600-nm trips is on par with added purpose-built super-midsize aircraft.

Dispatch believability is accession able suit. Bombardier claims that the 448 Challenger 300 aircraft in account accept becoming a 99.79% amount during about one actor hours of operations. The Challenger 350 should accept around the aforementioned reliability.

Best Of Axis theater Seating Chart – Leeches
Best Of Axis theater Seating Chart – Leeches | axis seating chart

And finally, resale amount should be aing to the top in class, according to Penton’s Aircraft Bluebook Amount Digest. Five-year-old Challenger 300 aircraft absorb 64% of their aboriginal value, which is far added than any competitor.

On balance, the Challenger 350 is a appreciably added able aircraft than the Challenger 300. Antagonism in the super-midsize chic is accretion steadily, so the new archetypal is entering account at an appropriate time as Bombardier attempts to assure its lead. B&CA

Here’s What No One Tells You About Axis Seating Chart | Axis Seating Chart – axis seating chart
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Axis theater Seating Chart Fresh Axis Planet Hollywood Seating Chart - axis seating chart
Axis theater Seating Chart Fresh Axis Planet Hollywood Seating Chart – axis seating chart | axis seating chart


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Axis Theater Seating Capacity | Elcho Table – axis seating chart | axis seating chart
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