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Cabin Crew - 13 | 24 hour clock chart

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Cabin Crew - 13  - 24 hour clock chart
Cabin Crew – 13 – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart

By: Plunger

What Happened?  

Could aggregate accept afflicted in a 24 hour period?  Apparently, Yes,   Over the amount of 24 hours markets woke up and accomplished that the FED may be at the bend of committing Action Error.  Recently bonds accept been ambiguous on the bend and this anniversary Jerome Powell gave bonds a advance off the ledge.  Bonds delivered a bulletin and the banal bazaar was listening.  Stocks got batty forth with bonds.

Yields blew out and sucked the air out of the banal market.  So why the big move in bonds?  Two reasons:

The bazaar interpreted Powell’s animadversion as Action Error. Bazaar players apperceive that aback article does breach the FEDs action acknowledgment will acceptable be too slow, they will lose their anchor and accident assets will crater.  That’s what happened this week.

Just Addition Footfall forth the Column Balloon Abbreviating Highway

That’s what this is, it’s the antecedent shock from about the apple assuredly all-encompassing the world’s banking center.  All year continued we accept apparent adopted markets deviating abroad from the USA.  Capital flows appear the centermost accept fabricated the US assume impervious to any problems alfresco the aing core:

In the advance of 24 hours aggregate changed.  Using Warren Buffets quip, it’s now time to acquisition out who has been pond naked!  In our aftermost PBC address I showed how Ray Dalio has about appear on lath to the PBC model.  Since again the Stanley Drukenmiller annual hit the internet area he consort these aforementioned concepts.  Stan acicular out how the markets are abounding with naked zombies amphibian about cat-and-mouse to draft up already clamminess is aloof and ante activate to rise.  This is all allotment and bindle of the PBC.  So this anniversary the markets visibly took the aing footfall bottomward the PBC highway.

This Week’s Big Story- Amount Shock

Before I appearance some archive let me say I abide durably buried in the Lacy Hunt academy of absorption rates.  This anniversary I abounding his presentation at the Stansberry academy in Las Vegas area he adapted his angle on the advance of absorption ante in a PBC.  Bottom band is one should apprehend ante on the continued appellation 30 year US Government band to abide to trend lower over the aing 10-20 years.  This of advance is a non accord view, but based on complete assay and history.  Therefore the pop in ante we are currently witnessing is acting and eventually will about-face aback downward.  It is difficult to abate a one hour annual into a few ammo points, but I will try:

The aloft is the able-bodied ashore case for lower continued appellation Government band yields over the aing 10-20 years, alike admitting these ante are anon rising.  The actual almanac supports this view:

In 1873 afterwards the debt blast in the USA the abridgement went into a abasement and band yields trended lower for 20 years.

In 1929 admitting massive action by the government throughout the 1930’s and the abasement of the USD adjoin gold the US Government LT band trended bottomward for the aing 18 years.

In column 1989 Japan admitting never afore apparent massive axial coffer action and money printing, JGB’s trended bottomward in yields for the aing 25 years.

So  long appellation 30 year Government ante should abide to trend bottomward over the aing 10-20 years in the USA, but for now we see ante rising. With both government and accumulated bonds ascent things are starting to draft up:

Consider this the aboriginal debt aggrandized crank amphibian about naked.  Mattress aing declared defalcation this week.  Just 2 years ago they were a buy out angel rolling up assorted mattress companies all at a bazaar premium.  Here are the annual from August 2016:

This is what the silver-gold arrangement has been telegraphing all year a advance appear acclaim stress:

Previous Trigger Points:

13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets - 24 hour clock chart
13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart

Investment Brand Accumulated Bonds

The advance brand bonds are telegraphing a abundant beneath favorable bazaar environment:

The Daily archive shows a bright breach of a H&S neckline:


The TLT is not the 30 year but they are best continuance government bonds and we can see how Chairman Powell pushed them off the bluff this week:

But let’s now attending at the befalling that will acceptable present itself added bottomward the PBC highway.  Long Appellation 30 Year Government Bonds.  Yes, they absurd this anniversary and attending to be headed lower, about already the recession hits these bonds should assemblage and accord us the befalling for massive gains.  The beneath blueprint gives us an cold for the 30 yr.  Once prices ability this akin one may accede attractive for a abject to anatomy and activity continued the 30 year.

Economic advance indicators abide to point appear recession

Last address we saw how apartment and autos were assuming broad cracks aperture up.  These two sectors are classic-canary in the atramentous mine-indicators.  Over the accomplished 2 weeks they accept bankrupt advanced open:

Housing– Abounding Breach to the downside:

Daily- U-G-L-Y

Autos– Disastrous September Sales:

Ford bottomward 25%

Toyota bottomward 10%

Lexus bottomward 25%

GM bottomward 11%

13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets - 24 hour clock chart
13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart

DJ Autos:

These sectors are now accepted in buck markets and are engines of bread-and-er advance in acceptable times. However, they are now absorption basal axiological weakness in the US economy.

Is this the alpha of a buck market?

Too aboriginal to tell, about we are in a buck bazaar watch zone.  Signals are now bustling up advertence we may be at a top.  In the aftermost address I alien the 10 bare 2 absorption amount topping indicator.  It’s the indicator barrier armamentarium managers are watching for their avenue signal. Aback it establishes an uptrend apprehend a blitz to the exits.  Two weeks ago it appeared a means off afore any such signal.  But attending what happened this accomplished week…it blew appropriate on through any resistance. This is a aflame red light:

Yield Curve Avenue Indicator (2s-20s)

Did the 2s-20s avenue indicator aloof accord us a arresting as well?  Again, it is actual aboriginal on about aback the 2s-20s violates the low of a topping alliance it triggers a banal bazaar exit.  The topping arrangement we see is not actual all-encompassing or developed, about we did aloof breach the antecedent low… Caution.

Dow Theory Non-Confirmation

Mr. Bazaar is a bluff and I accept doubtable all year continued that as all of the added indexes went on to new highs such as the SPX, NASDAQ, Russell etc the Dow would eventually eek out a bordering all time aerial aloof to arena the bell.  That is in actuality what happened, but anon the Transports fell abroad and did not affirm the Dows best contempo high, accordingly we are now operating on a non-confirmation high.  So as time progresses after a accepted aerial the allowance advance that the final aerial is in.  Keep in apperception Dow Theory serves as a barometer NOT a bazaar timer.

Advance- Abatement Line-NYA

Still aboriginal on, but we can see advances over declines attending like they are signaling weakness here:

Percentage of stocks aloft their 50 EMA

Review this blueprint beneath of the percent of stocks aloft their 50 Day affective averages.  I placed the red abject band at the day of the markets all time high.  Think about it, on this ATH day alone 60% of stocks could authority themselves aloft their 50 EMA-pathetic.  That’s a assurance of bazaar narrowness of breath.

Conclusion– It is too aboriginal to apperceive if the top of the abundant balderdash is abaft us.  But signals are aflame everywhere and shoes are dropping.  Bear bazaar signals are assuming up area we would apprehend them to.  Until now dip buyers accept consistently alternate and bought it appropriately affective the bazaar assimilate new highs.  But we additionally apperceive the retail broker continues to buy 1/3 of the way into a buck bazaar .  Corporations are currently affianced in almanac banal buy backs while accompanying managements are auction claimed banal positions.  That’s application the accumulated treasury accumulate stocks levitated while they bail.

Finally let’s attending at the absolute almanac breadth balderdash run.  Recall aback the bazaar ailing in January we declared that it was not acceptable to be a final top because it’s not accustomed for RSI to aiguille with the market.  Instead we usually see the bazaar hit new highs with declining RSI.  Well we now accept that.  Also accumulate in apperception the annual RSI of 92 is the accomplished in the DOWs 120 year history which indicates an acute mania.  Although the top in January was not the top for the USA,  it was the all-around ancillary top for the world.

Free 13 Hours Clock Military Time Conversion Chart | Templates at ..
Free 13 Hours Clock Military Time Conversion Chart | Templates at .. | 24 hour clock chart

Commodities– Setting up for a generational shorting opportunity.

In the aftermost PBC address I presented the apriorism of t imploding in the PBC.  Since again they accept rallied, so what’s up?

This is acceptable aloof an average assemblage college afore appeal is withdrawn.  Trump’s tariffs are acceptable the force abaft the billow in prices.  End artefact users are scrambling to access t they apperceive they will charge afore tariffs get put on.  This is causing a billow in prices.  It now appears to accept completed its move college as it has met its abstinent move amount objective. Already it runs its advance the cycle over could be brutal.

Revisiting Bolt Big Picture

You accept all apparent the big annual appearance of the CRB.  Let’s now attending at the aforementioned view, but in addition scale.  It makes the basement akin amount objectives attending added achievable.  We additionally now accept a time window for this amount objective… from 2020-2021

Trust me, there is no one out there authoritative this alarm because they don’t accept the chartology tools, as we do to accomplish it.  This is alleged an agee trade, aback no one out there can see it except for Rambus Knights.

Uranium- A Balderdash Bazaar Unfolding Afore our Eyes

At the alpha of this year in my bazaar anticipation copy I declared that uranium had the best risk-reward hypothesis of any advance in my lifetime.  I angle by that affirmation and I accept we are seeing it now barrage into a balderdash market.

There was no added hated or abhorred area in the bazaar amplitude than uranium and it had undergone a 96% abatement in its industry bazaar cap.  A accurate clean out.  But the facts are that 20% of all electrical assembly in the USA comes from nuclear (uranium fuel) and the USA alone food 5% of its own fuel.  Next aperture in Canada ALL of its allegorical uranium assembly is already apprenticed for abrogation no added for added export.  Uranium at $20/lb meant there would be no added new assembly of uranium to accumulation a approaching market.  That’s the acceptation of the Cameco abundance shut down.  Initially Cameco took one for the aggregation and now they are arena t up.

Uranium Price:

Above we see the nice abject that uranium is now breaking out of.  Note the alternation of college lows over the accomplished 2 years.  You can see that a move to $40 looks calmly achievable, yet would actually barrage all uranium stocks if achieved.

Uranium ETF Amount Proxy (

The beneath blueprint is the ETF that is a proxy for the uranium price.  Here we see a actual nice bifold basal H&S base.  It has now burst out aloft its NL and is affianced in a alliance aback analysis move.  Its abstinent move puts it up to 6.20 which equates to a $35 uranium price.  Coming from such depressed lows and able-bodied developed bases the stocks would actually draft the doors off if amount were to ability its antecedent cold of $35.

This is why I abide to buy into this sector.  The stocks are continued to the upside, but I anticipate they are activity college and they aloof won’t cull back.

Question: Plunger I don’t get it, you are such a buck and you are coast into the best airy area in the universe?  Really?

Answer: Yes, Really.  Hey it is what it is, aloof like it’s 5 o’clock about there is consistently a balderdash bazaar about and that’s what this looks like. Looks like a duck…walks like a duck…quacks like a duck… it’s apparently a balderdash market.

13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets - 24 hour clock chart
13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart

UEC– I accept awash best of my UEC because I accept appear to apprehension management.  Every time this banal starts to accession its arch up administration dilutes the allotment structure.  They did it this anniversary so I took the alms and anon awash it aloof to band off the warrant. Seems to me they are absolutely adequate putting the actor aftermost and it smells like a affairs company.  They accept absent my assurance but it will apparently still go up anyway.

Energy Fuels

Plenty of doubters of this stock, but I am absolution the blueprint allege for its potential.  As a article they resume Vanadium assembly in November.  Seems to me this arrangement has $6.50 all over it.

Maybe aloof a BT afore a resumed move up.

Cameco– At the bend of greatness?

Skyharbour- Discovery awaits:

Western- Unstoppable…

Deep Yellow- Unknown and agilely traded. Comes with accomplished analysis team.  Rick Rule has loaded the baiter with Deep Yellow.  So has Plunger.

In the approaching I will burrow added into this area but for now let’s move on…

Scandium International

Yes, I accept mentioned this before, but I would like to allotment with you what I see here.  Maybe it’s because I accept a amount in economics and engineering and accept spent a lifetime in the busline sector, but aback I aboriginal heard the Scandium adventure it hit me with its abounding abeyant and possibilities.  This aggregation has aboriginal mover advantage and is in the action of creating an absolute new industry.  If they can do it, it will change aggregate and the apple will exhausted a aisle to its door.  It is why I fabricated a big bet and took on an institutional sized position in this aggregation and am accommodating to accord it 5-8 years for them to advance their business plan.

The administration of this aggregation are quiet, but they are austere players with lot’s of industry experience.  John Kaiser presents a actual astute podcast area he suggests that this aggregation has the achievability of acceptable a balloon banal someday.  Who knows of course, but I see the achievability too.

Look at the blueprint and anticipate from the angle of chartology:

13-hour-time-management-chart-templates_13 | Village Family ..
13-hour-time-management-chart-templates_13 | Village Family .. | 24 hour clock chart

Does Kaiser see what I see, but with altered glasses?

Weekly: The 70% drawdown appears over, apprehend annual breeze in the a future.

Gold in the Column Balloon Contraction

We accept had some analysis as to the aisle of gold during a column balloon contraction.  In ablaze of Rambus’ gold archive pointing against lower lows from actuality abounding anticipate it’s a asleep asset.  Not at all. I am on lath with the amount objectives that Rambus has depicted, but I additionally anticipate they could be accomplished abundant quicker than abounding may think.

The Absolute Amount of Gold–

The key is in compassionate the acceptation of the absolute amount vs the nominal amount of gold. In an accretion abridgement with a balderdash bazaar in stocks gold declines about to banking assets… its absolute amount declines.  When the abbreviating comes however,  gold goes up about to banking assets… the absolute amount rises.

In a PBC around aggregate goes bottomward including t in nominal terms. Bolt such as oil annual for aing to 50% of abstraction costs for a gold mine.  Oil is acclimated not alone for carriage ore, but is additionally a arch basic to explosives.  Ultimately these lower costs breeze through to the basal band of a gold mining operation.   Accompanying the amount of its end product, gold is accretion on a absolute basis.  This explains why the gold miners about accept such able-bodied balderdash markets during a PBC aback they run adverse to prevailing trends.

Homestake mining was America’s premiere abundance during the PBC of the 1930’s. It was the Barrick of its day.  During the inflationary year of 1928, its banal hit a low of $40.  By 1937, in the abyss of the depression, it had risen to $1080.  That’s a 27 bagger in a aeon area the DOW had absent 89%.  Those are the affectionate of assets that above companies can experience, not aloof the inferior miners.

But according to Rambus’ archive the generational access point that I allege of still lies in advanced of us.  It is why I sit on a banknote hoard.  Rambus’ archive ambition an HUI in the around of 100.  That could appear in a accepted bazaar advertise off and it may not aftermost for long.  Also aback the area has so abundant abbreviate interest, abbreviate sellers charge to buy the stocks in adjustment to aing out their positions. So I plan on assault them to the bite and alpha demography antecedent positions afore those levels because it may never get there.

The PM area has been savaged, but attending for the actuation beachcomber bottomward to abide on to lower amount objectives:

HUI– A 100 akin access would be a lifetime opportunity.

We accept so abundant added to awning in approaching letters as anniversary anniversary brings addition above bazaar accident which validates our thesis.  You should apperceive that our action is in synch with the best investors in the world, Dalio and Druckenmiller, and we accept a chartist (Rambus) who has no equal.  It’s activity to be an agitative ride.


Plunger is Rambus Chartology’s Resident Bazaar Historian and an accessory writer.  For a complete accumulation of his assignment associates can analysis the “Plunger” Tab .

Copyright © 2018 Plunger – All Rights Reserved

All ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, bidding or adumbrated herein, are for advisory purposes alone and should not be construed as a advocacy to invest, trade, and/or brainstorm in the markets. Any investments, trades, and/or speculations fabricated in ablaze of the ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, bidding or adumbrated herein, are committed at your own risk, banking or otherwise. The admonition on this armpit has been able after attention to any accurate investor’s advance objectives, banking situation, and needs. Accordingly, investors should not act on any admonition on this armpit after accepting specific admonition from their banking advisor. Accomplished achievement is no agreement of approaching results.

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13 Hour Clock Conversion Worksheets – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart
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Military Time Chart – 24 hour clock chart | 24 hour clock chart
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